We live in an odd world. We trade our time and our days and our lives for things-things that are fleeting.

We are living in a world full of people (souls) whose only hope, outside of the Gospel, is what we can do for ourselves. We will spend our entire lives climbing the ladder or building a family or gaining respect or trying to change the world. And the problem is, we all subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) know that the world is wasting away. We can change it, but it will only last changed for a while before it all passes away. And so, when we begin to realize this, we become depressed and depression can often lead to a stationary life.

Oh friend, run the opposite way. You and I are called to a different, moving life. We are called to a life where Jesus is our hope.

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He saw that something was wrong.

He knew that justice was not being served.

He knew that he was the one who decided if this man should die.

He had the potential to sway the crowd.

He could have saved this man.

But “he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, ‘I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.'” (Matthew 27:24b)

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[DOMINICAN REPUBLIC    thoughts from 12/2/16]

*Disclaimer: this is about a heavy subject. If you need to be light-hearted today, it may be best to read this another time.*

*also, this picture is not from the dump. We weren’t allowed to take pictures there. It’s actually a picture of the beauty of the area surrounding the dump.

The dump.

In America, it’s the stinky place you take your trash (or have someone hired to take it for you) and wash your hands as soon as you get home because…germs.

In Dominican Republic, it’s the place probably a hundred people live, per dump. The people are mostly refugees that are there illegally. Somehow, they ended up in the Dominican with no way to get back home, probably a result of the numerous natural disasters that have repeatedly beaten those two countries. The disasters could have caused them to run to the DR, leaving everything behind, hoping they would find a better life-only to end up in a dump.

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[DOMINICAN REPUBLIC     thoughts from 12/3/16]

*disclaimer: this content is a heavy subject. If you need to be light-hearted today, it may be best to read this another time.*

Las calles. The streets.

You don’t visit a vast majority of the cities in Dominican Republic unless you are wanting to buy drugs, sex or alcohol. All of which overwhelm the streets.

It was six in the evening. We stepped out onto the streets to do a prayer walk. I’m not going to lie to you, we were afraid. Not only are we a large group of mostly white women, but we were walking straight out into the devil’s territory.

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