Hello, I’m Madeline, a college student in South Carolina and I want to see slavery end in my lifetime.

At sixteen, I learned about human trafficking and that slavery still exists and I cried myself to sleep at night. Sometimes, I still do. We don’t even know what a world without slavery is like, or how our lives would change for good if it no longer existed. But I think we’ve got the tools to put a stop to it, so I’m trying to use all I’ve got.

I work with a mission organization in the Dominican Republic that does human trafficking prevention through Gospel-centered ministry and community-based programs. My dream is to work in rescue and restoration of women and children out of sex trafficking and prostitution through safe houses, education programs, and business development in order to build up impoverished communities, solving the problem of exploitation at it’s core: poverty.

The correlation between sex trafficking and the pornography industry is ever-increasing. So, I also dabble in legislative work to defend decency. On a state level, I’m rallying people and working with my Representatives to declare pornography as a public health hazard. It’s not a ban, but it’s a call to educate about the individual and societal harms, as well as protect our children. My generation has never seen the world without the lens of pornography, but I really want to see all that the future generations can do without it.

I really care about encouraging the Church to live in obedience–to seek justice and love mercy and walk humbly–which requires putting to death self-sufficiency and the American dream. Going and telling the Good News is a calling and a command and we don’t get to quit when we get tired or comfortable because the Lord will finish this good work He’s began!

On here, I write poetry that’s usually based on Biblical themes and imagery (called ‘Cultivating Wildflowers’), I tell stories (especially about my experiences in the DR), and I post updates about the progress of our decency-defense legislation.